Bali Freehold Beach estates

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Premier Beach Resort:

Wake up to the sound of crashing waves, a magical view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands and the stunning 3,200 MTR. (10,000 ft.)  Mt. Agung, Volcanic Mountain from your own © Bali Paradise Beachfront Estate. 


GREAT LOCATION: Paradise Beach Estates is only seven kilometres (3.5 Miles) from one of Bali’s largest tourist areas, Sanur.

One of Bali’s largest tourist attraction the Bali Safari and Marine Park with its 40 hectares of unique animals, massive amphitheatre and unique dining with the lion’s restaurant and the world class Keramas.

 Surfing beach and brand new Komune Beach Club and restaurant are only 6-8 min away.  

A brand new hotel with spa and restaurant is a 200 meters walk.  

The popular Ubud resort area with dozens of restaurants and bars plus hundreds of shops is within 30 minutes. A new toll road provides for a brisk drive to the brand new International Airport in as little as 30 minutes. Denpasar, the best place to shop for bargains, is a mere 20 minutes and Seminyak popular eateries and nightclubs are only 30 min - 40 min away after 8 pm.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  These Estates have a green theme with features such as capturing and utilizing grey water for watering of plants. Low wattage LED lighting is used throughout most of the estates and common areas which consume up to 90% less energy.  Environmentally friendly toilets and hot water systems not only leave a small carbon footprint but also reduce operational costs substantially.

The exterior blue tinted glass is not only attractive but reflects 70 % of the sunlight thus avoiding the need for curtains and a substantial reduction in air-conditioning power consumption and costs. In fact gardeners and workers cannot see inside the estate in the daylight hours providing maximum privacy.


built By An award Winning Developer Manager: The owner/ developer has utilized all the experience and knowledge he gained from building 55 © Bali Luxury Villas over 13 years, some of which have earned the Tripadvisors certificate of excellence award placing them amongst the top 10 % of all villas rentals in the world .Most recently they received Tripadvisors highest award their Hall of Fame award.


estate 1- puri purnama:


The largest Estate is the 1,000 m2 Puri Purnama which translates to Full Moon Palace. You only have to spend one night under a moon full here to understand why the ancient Balinese named the beach Pantai Purnama which means Full Moon Beach.


Five Bedroom, Maid Quarters, & EIGHT Bathrooms: This magnificent palace has five bedrooms plus maid’s quarters and eight bathrooms including a poolside toilet. There is a huge six person ocean front Jacuzzi heated by an energy saving heat pump which draws 70 % less than conventional heaters.


luxurious Palace Type Walls and Ceilings: The 10 mtr. (31 ft.) Ceiling in the living, dining and recreational areas give the impression of a King’s palace, especially when you look down from the upper balcony at the panoramic view of gardens and ocean. The entire ceiling was spray painted by a master painter to emulate the same sky as outside so that the supporting walls and glass all blend in with the beautiful sky.

The huge 14 mtr (45 ft.) infinity pool is curved with fantastic ocean views, 1 mtr. away

Soak away your stresses in your private beachfront six man Jacuzzi with reflective through glass seawall.

This allows you to look out, but beachgoers cannot look in throughout the day, providing intimate privacy.

A huge beachside bale will provide plenty of hours of entertainment for you, your family and guests.

You have your own beach access from the Bale. A specially built Australian designed BBQ will allow your chef to cook magnificent meals and serve them piping hot.


Venice Style Fish PONDS: The owner spared no cost in building another major feature which is modelled after the famous Venetian style fish ponds that meander through the massive 600 m2 yard complete with many Balinese statues and hundreds of colourful fish.

All rooms have an ocean view on the top floor especially the master bedroom which has almost a 180 degree view from Mount Agung to Sanur.


Top Quality Building Materials: Only top quality building materials were utilized throughout including Granito floors, professionally kiln dried teaks cabinet with expensive black marble tops which are built to last.


Magnificent entrance When you enter from your garage you will pass over the fish ponds to a magnificent custom made curved glass waterfall.

You open your door with an electronic keypad so you never have to worry again about your door keys.

The foray has a huge large kitchen that any gourmet chef would appreciate with a huge panty attached. The kitchen has a massive very expensive two door refrigerator and electronic oven, microwave, and all the modern appliances plus settings for up to 10 guests. A huge washer and dryer is in the maid’s room.

The living area features a large white couch with four lazy boy reclining seats a huge LCD TV with Sonny surround sound system and even a two mike wireless karaoke system. The dining area features a long eight person table of nature teak woods. The recreational area includes a custom made solid teak full size billiard table and independent TV and DVD system. The bedrooms downstairs are complete with on suite toilets and showers plus a guest bathroom so when you have parties you have three bathrooms easily accessible to your guests.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms of equal sized bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms and showers all with hardwoods and marble tops.


Master Bedroom is Dream Come True:

The master bedroom is every man and women’s dream come true. It is designed so that you can see 180 degrees with its own T.V. and DVD. Best of all there is a men’s’ and women walk in closet complete with separate toilets plus two sinks and a two person private Jacuzzi. All in all this is a designers dream home which no doubt will be featured in plenty of designer magazines in the future.

It is truly one of the best beachfront estates available in Bali that which was built of the finest materials by professional craftsmen with western influences.

The expected net revenues from rentals while allowing you to utilize it 30 % of the year are simply too good to believe but we have proven with past projects that they are conceivable and believable.


LUXURIOUS ESTATE : A2 - $378,000: A2 is a huge 460 m2 (5,000 Sq Ft.) of land with stunning ocean and Mt. Agung views.  

LUXURIOUS ESTATE : A3 is a huge 350 m2 (3,767 Sq Ft.) under roof, first class, estate on over 450 M2 (4,843 Sq Ft.) with stunning ocean, Mt. Agung, river and rice paddy views.

It has a Mediterranean look on the outside. We choose a sky-blue exterior colour to complement our dark blue top of the line M-Class Baked Enamel roof tiles which are guaranteed for 30 years. First impressions from most is that it very attractive and classy. 

Huge 14 Meter Lap Pool With Kiddies Areas: Perhaps one of the best exercise for baby boomers is swimming laps. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to swim in small pools so we installed a super long 14 mtr. (45 ft.) Pool. We have learned over the last 10 years of managing Bali Luxury Villas that many parents request pools that are child safe (that does not interfere with the 14 mtr. lap section) in the pool. Stainless steel rings were installed on either side and so a net can be attached within minutes to prevent children from going into the deeper end.  We took a lot of time in choosing the front entrance decoration because we realized that it's the first thing that you see and highlights the estate. The driveways and pathways, which allow you to take your bags out of your car and easily manipulate through the front door, are curved.

The dining area has a full-size solid teak table which seats eight. Most of the windows and doors are high quality brushed aluminum which are more expensive than wood. In the long term they will be less expensive to maintain on a beach side estate. The sliding doors next to the dining area fold completely, accordion style, so that when you are having a large party of 50 to 100 people it's as if the whole dining, living and lanai are one. With delightful ocean breezes you will open them quite often. The living room again is curved as opposed to the square corners and has a substantial amount of recessed lighting including three lights with just one switch right over the couch area to have direct reading lights.

A brand-new TV allows you to sit in one of your recliner chairs and relax.

After experimenting with several types of floors in Bali the last 10 years in 55 villas we have concluded that there's only one material that will hold up, especially if you plan on renting to tourists, that is marble.

As our developer is a former chef for five years and current part owner of Desiree's restaurant we know a little bit about cooking and the process of cooking. So we designed the kitchen for a professional chef. You take items directly from the refrigerator with built-in to a washing section, to a cutting section, to a prep area, to the stove.

The kitchen also has a huge gas stove, which any cook will tell you is the best way to cook for maximum control over temperature as well as a range hood which is rare in Bali

Behind the back of the kitchen door is an area for washing which currently has a brand-new high quality washer, dryer and a two basin sink which all is next to the maids quarters. The maid may enter and exit directly from the garage affording maximum privacy. She has her own bathroom and shower.

One of the fabulous things about Bali is having a part time or full-time live-in maid.  She wakes in the morning and makes breakfast, cleans the rooms, and makes dinner. All for less than $200.00 per month.

Ladies if you have ever dreamt of not doing any housekeeping Bali is the place for you. Bachelors there is nothing nicer than coming home after tennis, pop into the pool, have a one hour massage for only $10.00 and then having a lady take care of everything for you while you recline in front of your T.V. while glancing at the beautiful vistas. And she never complains. The ground floor also features a guest bathroom and a huge storage unit under the stairway, which is lit. The light can be seen through glass slits under the stairs heading up to the second floor. 

Handicap Friendly: With the baby boom generation, born 1947 to 1955, which represents 25% or more of the population of the world now retiring and hitting their senior years we're finding more and more renters are requesting handicap friendly accommodations. 

Therefore, we designed a ground floor bedroom so that a wheel chair can be wheeled directly from the driveway into the bedroom, and throughout the dining, living, lanai and pool areas. It also features a large bathroom, shower and sink. Now it is time to proceed to the second floor. As you head up the stairs, you will notice that the marble trim is curved to give it an exotic feeling. At the top of the landing, you proceed right into the large guest bedroom, which is almost as large as the master bedroom. It has two large walk-in closets and a massive bathroom with full-size tub, an outside view, double sink and shower. Your balcony doors open onto a huge balcony capable of handling upwards to 8 -10 people or simply two of you watching a romantic sunrise. On the left side of the stair landing is a slightly smaller bedroom, which may be used as an office with an on-suite bathroom and shower.  Directly ahead is perhaps the most important feature of this estate, the master bedroom. As you enter, a huge bathroom is on your left with a large Jacuzzi tub adequate for two western adults.  

Finally, you enter the master bedroom with its recessed ceiling, abundant recessed lighting and substantial windows. To the west, you see lush green farmland. To the north, you will is often wake up to a postcard quality view of a towering volcano 3,200 Meter. Mount Agung.  It has its own large. At dawn you can watch the sun slowly rise over the Badung Straits. 

GREAT INVESTMENT: From the very beginning these estates have been designed to achieve maximum rental income and appreciation. In the sincere opinion of the President of our company who has been labelled as one of “The pioneers of Bali Villa Investments”, a 16 yr. resident of Bali “the owners of these estates will enjoy perhaps one of the highest returns in capital appreciation and rental incomes of all current Bali properties available for sale”. 

SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL WESTERN MANAGEMENT: These estates already have a “Hotel Melati” Permit so that they be legally rented to tourists. They are managed by our company, PT. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International who already successfully manages almost 50 huge villas in Sanur, a few minutes away. Last year they averaged over 70 % average occupancy. Yearly net returns of 15 % to 30% per annum are not uncommon on our previous developments.

Rentals Available Starting at $179.00 ++.










M 2

M 2







950 +




Rp 18.8 Billion


Beachfront, Huge Pool, Bale ,Carport On Hold

A-2 A





RP 5.1 Billion


Large Lot 80 mtr to beach, mountain views

A-2 B





RP 8.7 Billion


Large Pool, 80 mtr. to beach , Carport






RP 7.8 Billion


Large, Pool, Rice paddy river view , Carport






RP 5.2 Billion


Large Lot 100 mtr. to beach, mountain, river views






RP 5.1 Billion








RP 7.88 Billion


Gorgeous beachfront with 25 meters perimeter






RP 10.8 Billion








RP 10.8 Billion



Our introductory rentals for Estate 3 start at $179.00 per night for a four bedroom estate with private pool and maid .See details at                                                             

Sales Available Starting at $378,000. Check out Available Estates Below.  

* All villas must be paid in Indonesian Rupiah only. This price is based on Rp13,000 = One U.S. dollar. The Rupiah Selling price will rise and fall with any Rupiah changes versus U.S. Dollar changes

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